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    Randi H.
    Dr. Hess literally changed my life with reconstruction of the one breast left after suffering cancer and a mastectomy 10 years previously. I was suffering embarrassment, self esteem issues, and having a difficult time wearing a regular bra throughout the day without extreme discomfort. Dr. Hess was recommended to me as one of the best breast reconstruction surgeon. He did advise me it was challenging. When I saw my body for the first time after the bandages were removed, approximately 2 weeks ago, I had tears of happiness. My joy with looking normal has not dimmed. I must also applaud his staff for their concern, communication, and professionally. I would recommend Dr Hess to my own family and friends. Thank you.
    March 22, 2020
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    Gramma L.
    Dr. Hess was the 3rd Doctor I interviewed before deciding on who to select. The other 2 had excellent recommendations, but they didn't want to do what I was asking for. They said I wouldn't be happy unless I went with their suggestions. Dr. Hess knew exactly what I was looking for and agreed with me. The end results were even better than I hoped for. The entire staff was awesome before, during and after the procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hess.
    March 15, 2020
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    Arnold A.
    I was referred to Dr. Richard Hess by my dermatologist for squamous carcinoma removal on my nose and reconstructive surgery after the removal procedure. My experience could not have been better! Dr. Hess removed 100% of the carcinoma and I still can't believe how he made the 'hole' magically disappear. He moved a piece of healthy skin into the affected area and closed it perfectly. It has been a week after surgery and already now it looks like barely anything happened! Excellent medical specialist and what's more: a fun, interesting and very personable individual to be with. I wish all my medical experiences could be like this. A big "Thank You" to Dr. Hess and his very capable staff! - Arnold A.
    January 18, 2020
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    Betty N.
    Dr. Hess is a homerun hitter. He is professional upbeat and has a real since of humor. I have had the pleasure to have work done by him before with an eye lift. I didn't hesitate to have him do my breast lift. Once again I am totally happy. He and his staff are 10s and I would recommend him to anyone to do their plastic surgery.
    November 7, 2019
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    Janeth F.
    Ever since I was at the age of 13 years old I've had to deal with bigger breast for my body. Back pain, shoulder pain and even neck pain was the price to have big breast. Not to mention the head ache of buying bras and clothes that could make me feel comfortable. I have always kept in mind that maybe in the future I would consider breast reduction but because surgery seemed like a scary idea I would put my toughs aside. After my two beautiful kids my back pain was almost unbearable and that's when I put my fear aside and starting reviewing surgeons. After days searching I came across to the website of Hess and Sandeen Plastic surgery and when I read their reviews I immediately called for an appointment. Since the moment I entered into their office I felt very welcome and excited to be there. Dr. HESS is AN AMAZING SURGEON he not only answers all your questions and concerns but also makes you feel comfortable and at peace (Great sense of humor)by the way. My surgery date arrived and what I thought was going to be very painful by following all doctors orders and instructions I can say it was a great experience. Dr. Hess and his wonderful staff changed my life completely its been weeks and I feel no back pain, I feel more energetic and most importantly I feel good when wearing a blouse or now a nice dress:) Thank You Dr Hess, Yezzenia, Jennifer, Colee, Paola and all his staff I will forever be grateful! If you are thinking of having breast reduction go and see Dr Hess and his staff they are amazing I have no regrets. Dr Hess is the BEST!
    August 14, 2019
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    Pat S.
    Dr Sandeen is not only a great surgeon but also very personable! He was treating my husband for facial melanoma. We were going in one morning to get out his stitches and I fell running earlier. Dr Sandeen saw my face needed stitches and took care of me that morning! I am so grateful for the wonderful job he did treating my husband and myself! Thank you Dr Sandeen to you and your staff.
    July 26, 2019
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    K W.
    I recently had a consultation with Dr. Hess for major surgery and he was wonderful, with a great bedside manner. I've heard he's the best in town.
    May 14, 2019
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    Renee H.
    Dr. Hess is the best!!! I would highly recommend him! I had surgery in September and back to myself (but less) by October. Never doubt this professional!
    April 9, 2019
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    Alyssa M.
    Excellent service and very professional. The staff are friendly and everyone takes time to ensure your procedure goes smoothly. Dr. Hess is quick and efficient, I would recommend to anyone!
    January 15, 2019
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    Misty B.
    Highly recommend this office! The staff is super friendly & welcoming. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sandeen! My results are better than I ever could have dreamed of!! If you're considering any type of cosmetic surgery, definitely check them out!
    January 14, 2019
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    gracie d.
    Dr. Sandeen is fantastic as a surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone. Honest, thorough and straight forward with his answers to your questions. His office staff is very friendly, helpful and courteous.
    January 14, 2019
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    Nadia T.
    Dr. Sandeen was absolutely amazing! He has a great personality that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I’m very happy with my surgery and highly recommend his services. My only complaint is the receptionist, she was not very friendly for all three of my visits. Front office is the first impression and if i wasn’t so impressed with Dr. Sandeen, I would have gone somewhere else.
    January 14, 2019
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    Debra P.
    Dr Hess is very comforting and professional..n extremely friendly. His staff is very friendly and accommodating.
    August 29, 2017
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    Laura F.
    Dr. Sandeen is amazing. He put a skin graft on my foot and it was perfect. Other doctors said they would be bragging if they did that graft because it is perfect. His office is nice and his staff is professional. His staff is above the highest standard. Dr. Sandeen is so talented and everyone I know In Tucson knows of him because he is the best. I was referred to him by a top notch wound care specialist. I'm so happy I went because he can work miracles.
    August 18, 2016
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    Rosemary A.
    I love Dr. Hess and his staff! They were all very professional and encouraging during my post-mastectomy reconstruction. They all helped me through a very difficult time. Now I look "normal" again, all thanks to his expert surgical skills. Dr. Hess and his staff truly made me feel as though I was their most precious patient. Love to them all and many many thanks.
    December 31, 2014
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    K N.
    Dr. Hess was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable and gave me amazing results, better than I ever thought they could be. He also has a great sense of humor and made me feel comfortable.
    October 18, 2014
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    Sharon Y.
    I appreciated his being up front about the costs. I am very pleased with the outcome of this surgery. Dr Hess was easy to interact with.
    October 10, 2014
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    Diana C.
    A breast cancer diagnosis; followed by a double mastectomy,and reconstructive surgery is a life altering experience. My oncologist referred me to Dr. Hess for reconstructive surgery, and I am so glad she did. My breasts were not perfect before this experience, and they are not perfect now; however; my expectations have been exceeded! Next month will be one year since my surgery. I didn't experience ANY complications or infections. I have symmetrical, firms breast that look great in my clothes; including a bathing suit. In fact, I have been inspired to work on the rest of my body to match my great breasts! In all seriousness, Dr. Hess and his staff are professionals that are sensitive to a cancer patients' needs,They went above and beyond to help me feel normal, informed, and confident about my cancer and surgery options. I cried in his office during my last post-surgery appointment, and I received a warm hug from him and his assistant; reassuring me that I would be okay. I have decided to move forward with nipple reconstruction. Of course, Dr. Hess is going to perform the procedure, and I am more that confident that I will be well cared for, and happy with the results.
    August 27, 2014
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    Glenda M.
    I found Dr. Hess and his staff to be highly professional and I am thrilled with my surgical result
    August 17, 2014
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    Denny A.
    Had terrific results from a very large and nose nodule removal and correction caused by and/or called rhinophyma, an advanced rosacea skin condition. Couldn't be happier. Thanks so much to Richard Hess, the surgeon, and his wonderful and friendly staff. They're all the best in the business.
    July 29, 2014
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