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2003 South Easton Road
DoylestownPA 18901

Phone: 215-340-5700 x183

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    Priscilla G.
    Professional. Settlement went smoothly with everything clearly explained.
    July 1, 2019
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    Christopher R.
    This is specifically for Lisa F. She did an amazing job helping myself and my fiance find our future home. She was very friendly, informative, great communicator, we could always call or text and would get an answer. Lisa is awesome and she should have her own office there and get a pay raise... I will be recommending her to any of my friends or family looking for a realtor. And hopefully in the future when I go to sell my house Lisa is still doing her thing, I will absolutely use her in the future.
    June 7, 2019
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    Van B.
    Sarah Peters is awesome. Truly a pleasure to work with.
    August 10, 2018
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    Bonnie E.
    Very nice people and very accommodating! Went there for settlement and they welcomed us with a basket of goodies and water. I'm not sure they knew that we hadn't even had breakfast yet... being that we had such an early morning appointment for the walk through and closing . But it was really thoughtful of them to have something out for us to eat. I know that if they hadn't done so, we wouldn't have eaten anything until late that night. Sometimes it's hard to remember to sit and take a break while everyone around you is busy moving furniture, boxes and asking questions about anything and everything; Your body and mind are occupied with so many thoughts that you literally forget about taking time to eat food/drink and to rest at that time but all you're thinking about is how you can't wait until you're done so you can do those things! Now that I'm getting off topic, I really want to thank the Realtors of Keller Williams (Jen Campbell) and say how grateful we are for all your hard work and dedication to helping us find such a beautiful home! We absolutely love it! Thank you for taking the time to take such good care of us! We highly recommend using them!!!
    December 9, 2017
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    Travis E.
    we sang in a way that made cacoons crack and butterflies fall. may they lay in grass beds of spring weather go cb west!
    August 9, 2016
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