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    Stephanie B.
    This was our first time ordering a birthday cake from Maryanne Pastry Shoppe. We will be going back!! Their customer service was very helpful and friendly. They had never done a "Baby Shark" cake before so I emailed a few photos and asked them to come up with something creative. Our whole family was impressed but most importantly was my 2 year old grandson :) It was a delicious chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Thank you for doing such a great job!
    August 1, 2020
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    Lisa H.
    Great pastries and donuts here. Was pleasantly surprised they are keeping up with inventory during the pandemic and they also have curbside available if you don't want to do into the store.
    July 11, 2020
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    Mo O.
    Erica has always been very helpful over the years and especially recently when I was having a problem with a renewing premium. She was quick to reply and resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I have been with Tyrol Insurance for many years. I have recommended family and friends and will continue to do so. I highly recommend!!
    February 26, 2020
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    Sarah T.
    amazing service and professional advise. Tyrol Insurance really makes sure you are pretected!
    February 20, 2020
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    Jenna S.
    Great place! Very helpful.
    February 6, 2020
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    Vinessa D.
    Awesome agency!!!
    January 30, 2020
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    Susan R.
    Great place to work!
    January 27, 2020
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    John D.
    Great service and they are extremely helpful. I have been a happy client for 4years.
    November 18, 2019
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    Mike O.
    Friendly helpful staff. Positive experience.
    November 30, 2018
  • StarStarStarStarStar
    Mike O.
    Friendly helpful staff. Positive experience.
    November 14, 2018
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    Mark B.
    The staff at this firm is great, they review my policies often to ensure proper coverage and that I'm paying a fair amount. They always seem to have my best interests at heart.
    February 21, 2017
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    Sasha K.
    Amazing buttercream cakes and cookies!
    November 20, 2016
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    Sue B.
    Yummy strawberry shortcake and Danish!
    October 4, 2016
  • StarStarStarStarStar
    Dave T.
    This place is awesome. Great donuts, pastries, etc. The staff is great, always friendly service. All good stuff to say. Yep, I'm a regular..
    May 23, 2016
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    Vera M.
    I ordered a birthday cake as a surprise for my Mom for her 65th birthday. My Mom is a nurse with Doylestown Hospital and she had to work on her birthday. I thought it would be a nice surprise to have a cake delivered to her floor. Maryanne's had awesome online reviews so I went with them. They were kind and polite on the phone and listened to everything I wanted for my Mom. I ordered the largest circular cake and they even made one layer vanilla and the other layer chocolate. They delivered the cake in the morning like I requested. Their cake was a HUGE hit with all of the doctors and nurses on my Mom's floor. My Mom was totally surprised and felt so honored on her birthday. The cake was huge! My Mom was thrilled and it made her day so special. Thank you Maryanne's!!!
    April 30, 2016
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    Frank J.
    I like the Arizona location
    January 16, 2014
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    Andrea S.
    If you've never had a religious experience eating donuts, you simply haven't been to Maryanne's. The jelly donuts make me cry tears of joy, and the boston creams are orgasmic. The Danish are the size of your face and so yummy you'll be back! this fat chick LOVES maryanne's
    July 22, 2013
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    Andrea K.
    I have been coming to this bakery for the last twelve doe not get any better than Maryanne's! In the mornings, I live off of their coffee...the full city dark roast is my favorite and it is always made fresh (sipping some as I type this!). I love the atmosphere in the mornings...everyone working there is excited to see the "regulars" and everyone seems happy to be there. Their doughnuts are THE BEST. My favorites are the cream filled, but you can't go wrong with a cinnamon roll, Boston cream, or even plain old glazed. I have brought them to work many times and people rave about them for days. The Cinn-fuls are also to die for. Fried pockets of cinnamon covered in glaze...YUM! Can't go wrong with old fashioned sticky buns, either. Every birthday means a trip to Maryanne's. My favorite combo is the pound cake and buttercream, as another reviewer recommended. But their chocolate, carrot, and red velvet cakes are also awesome. I cannot get enough of the cakes! The girls working behind the counter are friendly and willing to help. It is great to see a locally owned business employing young, hard-working college and high school students. I love this place and will continue to shop here for all of my bakery needs.
    March 28, 2013
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